Diesel Truck


Our Services

Auto & Diesel Repair

We provide a full range of services for all your cars, trucks, semis, and trailers.

Full Brake Service

We offer complete brake services include antilock brakes, power brake systems, and parking brakes. Get your brakes checked today.


Reduce drag and drift on your vehicle with our all-wheel alignment service. Alignments also help increase fuel efficiency and health of your vehicle.

Oil Changes

Hi-Line Services will check and change your motor oil. Motor oil protects your engine and keeps it clean and cool.

DOT Inspections

A DOT inspection is an inspection conducted by the Department of Transportation to ensure that all the CMV parts and accessories are safe to use.

Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

Need specific hydraulic hose assembly? Let our team create a custom hydraulic hose and assembly just for you.

…And More!

We have auto part stock and are a farming equipment solution provider. Contact us to see what we can provide for you.